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R12 LGPMS Team sets for the SGLG National Validation

Corollary to the Department Order to participate in the Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) National Validation, the LGPMS team of the Region has cross-posted the ten(10) local government units of CARAGA potential of passing the SGLG on August 22-26, 2016.

Together with LGMED Chief Ester P. Valdez as the head of delegation, members of the team include LGOO V Maria Alma B. Engcong (RFP), LGOO V Sadria S. Paglala (PFP-North Cotabato), LGOO V Mary Grace D. Santarin(PFP-Sarangani), and LGOO VI Augustus T. Tabugo (PFP-Sulta Kudarat).

The National Validation is one of the phases of the SGLG implementation which enables a region to certify LGUs in its partner region, giving also the opportunity to observe good governance practices and noteworthy features of the LGU’s services and structures present in another region.