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I. The agency's mandates and functions, names of its officials with their position and designation, and contact information

The present Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) traces its roots from the Philippine Revolution of 1897. On March 22, 1897, the Katipunan Government established the first Department of Interior at the Tejeros Convention.

Powers & Functions

  • Assist the President in the exercise of general supervision over local governments;
  • Advise the President in the promulgation of policies, rules, regulations and other issuances on the general supervision over local governments and on public order and safety;
  • Establish and prescribe rules, regulations and other issuances implementing laws on public order and safety, the general supervision over local governments and the promotion of local autonomy and community empowerment and monitor compliance thereof;

Vision & Mission


A strongly determined and highly trusted Department committed to capacitate and nurture local government units, public order and safety institutions to sustain peaceful, progressive and resilient communities where people live happily.


The Department shall promote peace and order, ensure public safety, strengthen capability of local government units through active people participation and a professionalized corps of civil servants.

Key Officials


Name Position/Designation
Josephine Cabrido-Leysa, CESO V
Director IV/Regional Director
Lailyn A. Ortiz, CESO V
Director III/Assistant Regional Director

Provincial/City Directors

Name Position/Designation
Ali B. Abdullah
LGOO VIII/Provincial Director
Atty. Rochelle D. Mahinay-Sero
LGOO VIII/OIC Provincial Director
Margarita H. Baynosa
LGOO VIII/Provincial Director
Rilimin H. Sandoval
LGOO VII/OIC City Director
Atty. Michelle Anne P. Viejo
Attorney IV/OIC Provincial Director
Ismael K. Anual
LGOO VI/OIC City Director

Division Chiefs

Name Position/Designation
Musarapha A. Alim
Atty. Michelle Anne P. Viejo
Attorney IV/Legal Officer/Chief of Staff
Dennis T. Sucol
Chief Administrative Officer/CAO
Mary Ann R. Traspe
Supervising Administrative Officer/SAO
Ian Jon S. Clemente
LGOO VI/OIC Assistant Chief/Planning Officer - Designate
Maria Theresa D. Bautista
Jermie A. Erie-Yeager
LGOO V/OIC Assistant Chief

Section/Unit Chiefs

Name Position/Designation
Adelaida M. Abdul
Administrative Officer V/Accounting Section Chief
Katherine M. Llano
Administrative Officer V/Budget Section Chief
Mel Roy B. Manait
Herminia S. Ontoy
Zaide M. Amil
Information Technology Officer I/LGRRC Coordinator
Clotilde Bai Rosshelle S. Nanding
Administrative Officer IV/Regional Information Officer - Designate
Allamen Tom S. Pangilamen
Administrative Officer IV/Supply Unit Section Chief
Maria Glema Talua-Bascos
Administrative Officer III/Records Officer
Catherine A. Macion
LGOO II/Personnel and Records Section Chief
Ismael L. Patadon
Administrative Aide IV/General Services Section Chief

VII. Quality Management System (QMS)

DILG XII Quality Policy
Certification on the Conduct of the Internal Quality Audit
Management Review Minutes Region XII
DILG Region XII System Procedures
DILG Region XII Quality Manual

Local Government Monitoring and Evaluation Division (LGMED) Processes

Handling of Complaints Agains Local Goverments
Issuance of Peace and Order Program (POP) Certification
Processing of LGU Request for Authority to Conduct Training, Seminar, Convention, and Lakbay-Aral
SGLG LGU Assessment
Processing of Local Officials Request for Certificate of Services Rendered for Civil Service Commission (CSC) Eligibility
Implementation of Lupong Tagapamayapa Incentives Awards
Processing of Issuance of Certificate of Recognition of Indiginous Peoples Mandatory Representative (IPMR)
LGU Request for Endorsement to Central Office for Approval or Issuance of Certificate

Local Government Capability Development Division (LGCDD) Processes

Provision of Coaching Sessions
Issuance of Certificate of Review and Endorsement of LGU GAD Plan and Budget (GPB)
Provision of Capacity Development through Training

Office of the Regional Director (ORD) Processes

Provision of Technical Assistance on ICT Resources
Review of Technical Documents for LGUs Locally Funded Projects (LFPs) and Performance Challenge Fund (PCF)
Monitoring and Evaluation of Infrastructure Projects
Processsing of Request for Posting of Press Releases and Information to DILG-RO12 Website and Social Media Accounts
Acquiring, Storing and Accessing of Knowledge Products at the LGRRC
Provision of Legal Opinions
Implementation of the Decisions, Resolutions and Orders
Document Review and Provision of Comments/Recommendations
Preparation of Annual Regional Budget Proposal
PPA Implementation Monitoring and Reporting
Operational Planning and Budgeting
SPMS: Performance Planning and Commitment

Finance and Administrative Division (FAD) Processes

Evaluation of Supplier's Performance
Preparation of Canvass, Purchase Order and IAR
Monitoring the Implementation of the Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS)
Provision of Vehicular Support Services
SPMS: Performance Review and Evaluation
Procurement of Goods and Services
Handling of Administrative Investigation of Personnel
Leave Administration
Maintenance, Storage and Disposal of Documents/Records
Processing of Personnel Request of Administrative Documents
Learning and Development
Endorsement of Application for Study Grant of Local Government Officials and Employees
Disposal of Unserviceable Properties
Preparation of Annual Procurement Plan (APP)
Preparation and Submission of Financial Accountability Reports
Maintenance of Vehicles
Liquidation of Cash Advance/s
Conduct of Physical Inventory of Property, Plants and Equipment (PPE)
Recruitment Selection and Promotion
Processing and Payment of Claims
Handling Incoming and Outgoing Communication/Documents