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Regional Safety Seal Certification and Inspection Team validates DTI, DepEd, BJMP, LTO, DPWH, and DOLE

The IATF-EID XII Safety Seal Certification and Inspection Team conducted on-site validation in the Regional Offices of DTI, DepEd, BJMP, LTO, DPWH, and DOLE on October 25-26, 2021 to determine their actual compliance to the minimum health protocols in the workplace.

The Safety Seal inspection team is led by DTI 12 Regional Director Jude S. Jaugan together with DTI 12 Planning Officer III Aiza Bercades, DILG 12 LGOO IV Jon Leo J. Licayan, CPA, DOLE 12 LEO III Oliver S. Sespeñe and DOT 12 TO I Resether Jay Porwelos, as members.

Based on the result of the on-site inspection, the said establishments were found to be fully compliant with item V of the DILG XII-DTI XII-DOT XII-DOLE XII JRMC No. 2021-01 dated August 30, 2021.  Accordingly, their Safety Seal Certifications which is valid for six months will be presented during the Joint IATF-EID & RTF-COVID 19 XII Meeting on November 3, 2021.

The Inter-Agency Safety Seal Certification and inspection team is among the innovative practices of the IATF-EID & RTF-COVID19 XII pursuant to Joint Resolution No. 2021-17C dated August 25, 2021.

DILG 12 Regional Director and IATF-EID XII Chairperson Josephine Cabrido- Leysa, CESO III explained that the composite team was established to ensure minimum health protocols in the workplace will be strictly observed at all times to prevent COVID-19 transmission in the offices and household members of the APORs, especially now that several NGAs have gradually resumed to full workforce operation.