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Region XII govt execs await 2nd dose of Covid-19 jab

More than thirty (30) regional directors and assistant regional directors from various national line agencies are now looking forward to receive the second dose of Covid-19 Vaccine as they mark their fifteenth day on June 8.

These executives had been recipient of the first dose of the Chinese-made Covid-19 vaccine on May 25, which was intended for those who are in the A3 priority list. DOH has outlined that these vaccines should only be given to health workers (which belonged to the A1 priority group), A2 (senior citizens), and A3 (people with comorbidities.) Region XII RDs and ARDS under A3 took their shots at the KCC Mall of Marbel Events Center in Koronadal City last May 25.

 Sinovac, a Beijing-based biopharmaceutical company behind CoronaVac which was administered to the government executives, recommends two doses of the vaccine, given 4 weeks (28 days) apart.

The event host for the May 25 inoculation activity, the Center for Health Development - Department of Health Regional Office 12, headed by RD Aristides Concepcion-Tan expressed appreciation for the huge turn-out of the vaccination activity. “The activity is really imperative, as one of the best strategies to end this pandemic," Director Tan added.

Meanwhile, DILG XII Regional Director Josephine Cabrido-Leysa, CESO III, who was at the venue prior to the formal start of the activity, articulated her satisfaction for the huge number of the target clients who were all members of the Association of Regional Development Executives XII (ARDE XII).

In her statement of support, she stated that the inoculation “will not only give us a sense of peace of mind in the backdrop of this pandemic but also to symbolize our support to efforts of the government” to create or “generate demand and increase uptake for COVID-19 vaccine among eligible populations.”

“We at the DILG fully support this effort by the DOH 12 led by RD Aris (Concepcion-Tan). We would like to build community trust and confidence on the COVID-19 vaccine and the national immunization program as a whole,” she clarifies.

RD Leysa also highlighted the need to overcome “vaccine hesitancy and mistrust” among the populace. “It is really our desire that through the vaccination of the RDs, ARDs with comorbidities, people will have a change of mind and heart towards the vaccine,” she further stated.

She went on to explain the “reality of this lethal Covid-19 and we are seeing or hearing things about people who are close to us who have succumbed to the infection. We never wish that to happen to anyone but (the reality) is here now.”

She called on the public to ‘continue the observance of Minimum Health Standards, even after being receiving the vaccine. This, along with the adherence to the Bida ang may Disiplina Campaign protocols, will ensure us that we will be kept safe.’

All the executives had to go through the five-step process which began with the Registration. They then proceeded to the Counselling where a video explains what the vaccine is all about and what to expect as the body reacts to it. The third step is the Screening process wherein a panel of doctors quiz each client about their medical history, allergies, maintenance medications, and other relevant information, which may mean their disqualification from the next stage which is the Vaccination.

After the quick vaccine jab, clients proceeded to the Post-monitoring area where they remain for thirty minutes or much longer to receive assistance, if needed, from a team of health workers who monitor their reactions, whether psychological or otherwise, to the injection.

The DOH reiterated the need for the local government units (LGUs) to adhere to the vaccine prioritization list so as not to jeopardize the prioritization framework, especially for COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access (abbreviated as COVAX)-provided vaccines like CoronaVac.