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National Training of Trainers on Strengthening CSO DESK OFFICERS attended by Rehiyon Dose – September 20-22, 2023

The Department of the Interior and Local Government – Support to Local Governance Program (DILG-SLGP) conducted the National Training of Trainers on Strengthening CSO Desk Officers. The event saw participation from the Regional Coordination Team and marked an essential step towards fostering collaboration and enhancing the role of CSO Desk Officers in the country. 

The opening remarks were gracefully presented by the Assistant Program Manager, Glenn Miranda. In his discourse, he emphasized the significance of the training and the need to strengthen the capacities of CSO Desk Officers. "The path to a more integrated and informed community starts here," he noted.

This sentiment was further echoed by Usec Marlo L. Iringan, who extended a heartfelt message of support. He reiterated the government's commitment to Civil Society Organizations and their pivotal role in nation-building. "Your endeavors serve as a beacon of hope and represent the embodiment of community spirit," expressed Usec Iringan.

Over the course of three days, participants were treated to a series of eight enriching sessions. These were not just lectures but platforms of interaction, dialogue, and knowledge sharing. These sessions, a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical insights, were geared towards equipping the participants with the necessary tools and techniques to effectively manage their roles.

However, the core of the TOT was the work planning for rollout. Facilitated by the seasoned SLGP personnel trio - Vanessa Nicapior, Jennifer de Belen, and Allen J. Lopez - this activity aimed at charting a roadmap for the implementation of the lessons learned from the training. The session was characterized by brainstorming, dynamic discussions, and meticulous planning, ensuring that the rollout would be both efficient and impactful.

The event culminated with poignant closing remarks by Debbie Torres, the BLGS Director. She extended her gratitude to all attendees and emphasized the importance of the training. "With what we've achieved in these three days, I am confident that our CSO Desk Officers are better equipped to lead and serve," she remarked.

As the day concluded, the participants carried with them more than just knowledge; they carried a renewed sense of purpose, a strengthened commitment, and a blueprint for a brighter future for all CSO Desk Officers. This National Training of Trainers will undoubtedly go down in history as a turning point in the journey towards a more connected and effective civil society in the country.