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FEBRUARY 17, 2024 CINCO NINAS KORONADAL CITY | DILG Dose engages with RTWG on Harmonized Regional Plan of Action for Nutrition 2023-2028

In a significant stride towards enhancing nutritional initiatives in the region, the Formulation of the Regional Plan of Action for Nutrition 2023-2028 (RPAN) has reached its harmonization phase. Hosted by the National Nutrition Council, with participation from DILG Rehiyon Dose and other partner Line Agencies, this marked a pivotal moment in aligning regional nutrition strategies with national goals.

The Technical Working Group (RTWG) dedicate its efforts to harmonize the RPAN 2023-2028. Various line agencies crucial to the formulation and harmonization process actively participated in this event. Addressing the attendees, NNC XII emphasized the critical importance of RPAN in advancing nutrition initiatives across the region, stressing collaborative efforts among stakeholders for successful implementation.

The objectives of RPAN 2023-2028 are threefold. Firstly, it aims to align with the Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition 2023-2028 (PPAN), reviewing and evaluating the achievements of its predecessor, RPAN 2019-2022. Secondly, it seeks to assess the prevailing nutritional landscape of the region, including existing challenges and the effectiveness of ongoing interventions. Lastly, RPAN endeavors to identify specific activities translating the priority programs outlined in PPAN 2023-2028 into actionable steps at the regional level.

During a thorough workshop on the RPAN 2023-2028 results matrix for the fiscal year 2024, participants engaged in detailed analyses and projections to guide future actions. As the meeting concluded, each participating agency presented its respective outputs, reflecting a collective commitment to contributing to the region's nutritional objectives.

The inclusion of initiatives by DILG Rehiyon Dose in RPAN 2023-2028 signifies a proactive approach towards promoting a healthy lifestyle without significant budgetary implications. These initiatives, including FaMEALy Day, which encourages DILG personnel to spend quality time with their families while advocating for healthy meals, the Kitchen Garden project, which dedicates one hour of gardening every Friday, and Kumainment, promoting a Tuesday Vege Habit during lunchtime, underscore the commitment to fostering healthier habits among personnel and their families. By emphasizing activities that prioritize nutrition and wellness, DILG Rehiyon Dose demonstrates dedication to holistic well-being and community engagement within the organization. Leading this charge is DILG Dose's representative, DMO III Ana Louwel V. Cabrido of the Local Government Capability Development Division (LGCDD).