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The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) XII, through the Local Government Capability Development Division (LGCDD), in coordination with the Local Government Academy (LGA), conducted the two-day Capacity Development Market Analysis: Planning Workshop for CapDev Analytics Tool Formulation for the Outcome Managers, Program Managers, Provincial/City Focal Persons and LGOO Apprentices of the region on September 19-20, 2022 at the Venue 88 Hotel and Events Place, General Santos City.

The planning workshop served as an avenue to guide the DILG field offices in the analysis of CapDev needs of the province and its component LGUs with the aim to develop a regional DTP-based Capacity Development Agenda Analytical Tool in a collaborative and multi-stakeholder approach.

DILG XII Officer-In-Charge, Jermie A. Erie-Yeager, LGOO VII/Chief LGCDD, who represented RD Josephine Cabrido-Leysa CESO III, quoted in her message the words of Ndiame Diop, the World Bank Country Director from Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand saying “We look at the implementation of the Madanas Ruling not just as a transfer of resources but an opportunity to strengthen decentralization and improve social service delivery in the Philippines,” in which she encouraged and challenged the participants to develop a positive attitude towards the success of the Local Government Academy’s initiative in taking into account the capacity and needs of LGUs to effectively provide better delivery of basic services and improve the lives of every Filipino.

The activity started with the usual preliminaries, rationale and overview of the activity, and presentation of the CapDev Market Analysis Guidelines, CapDev Market Analysis Regional Framework, and Introduction to the CapDev Market Analysis Tool with LGOO V Mary Eulen Y. Abdilah and LGOO IV Sheila Mae G. Kubik of LGCDD.

In the afternoon, Ms. Sheila T. Bayog, Director, Research and Publication Center of Notre Dame of Marbel University, and the DILG Rehiyon Dose’s partner in Local Resource Institute (LRI) representative started the discussion on the Formulation of the Analysis Tool followed by the workshop proper on Pilot Testing of the Analysis Tool.

On the second day of the activity, it started with the usual preliminaries and the continuation of Pilot Testing of the Analysis Tool, Issues, and Concerns facilitated by Mr. Nathaniel D. Naanep, Faculty member of Sultan Kudarat State University - Main Campus. The presentation of the Analysis Results and Focus Group Discussion took place with Ms. Yvonne V. Saliling, Associate Professor V of the University of Southern Mindanao – Kabacan as resource person and facilitator together with the participants from DILG Dose.

After the FGD session with the participants, Mary Eulen Y. Abdilah, LGOO V of LGCDD presented the Synthesis of the Activity and Ways Forward to further discuss and improve the Analysis Tool and CapDev Market Analysis Regional Framework. The participants actively shared their insights, knowledge, and ideas during the workshop and discussions.

The two-day activity ended with a closing message from Assistant Regional Director Lailyn A. Ortiz, CESO V delivered by the LGCDD Division Chief Jermie A. Erie-Yeager. In her statement, she thanked the participants, particularly the invited LRI representatives from Notre Dame of Marbel University, the University of Southern Mindanao-Kabacan, and Sultan Kudarat State University-Main Campus for joining the said activity. She ended her message by saying, “Let us work together and continue to build the spirit of a strong partnership in helping our Local Government Units to effectively serve the public."