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Local Governance Performance Management System (LGPMS)

It is a self-assessment and web-based developement management tool for provinces, cities and municipalities capable of providing information on the capacities and limitations of LGUS in the delivery of essential public services.  It aims to provide results-oriented information concerning levels of LGU management capacity, service delivery and state of development from which may evolve decisions or actions to optimize investments or resources, establish LGU performance benchmarks and generate strategic data for local and national policy development.

Its major output called the Annual State of Local Governance Report or SLGR, in downloadable electronic format, provides strategic information concerning LGU performance in governance along the areas of Administration, Social Services, Economic Development, Environmental Management and Valuing the Fundamental of Governance.

the following e-Reports could be generated through LGPMS:

  • State of Local Governance Performance e=Report (e-SLGPR)
  • State of Local Development e-Report (e-SLDR)
  • Financial Performance e-Report
  • e-Summary Reports (provincial, regional, national)

There are two (2) LGPMS areas covered, with its respective sub-areas:

  • Governance Aspect
    • Administrative Governance
    • Social Governance
    • Economic Governance
    • Environmental Governance
    • Valuing Fundamentals of Good Governance
  • Developmental Aspect
    • Social Development
    • Economic Development
    • Environmental Development

SLDR Performance Scale.  A perfect scale of 5 denotes excellent performance while performance scales of 1-4 indicates for improvement:

     5=  Excellent
     4=  High
     3=  Fair
     2=  Low
     1=  Very Low

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Outcome Area: Accountable, Transparent, Participative and Effective Local Governance
Status: Current
Telephone: (083) 877-2969