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Name Position
Atty. Rochelle D. Mahinay-Sero, CESE, EnP, MPACS
OIC Regional Director
Hayd-Ali S. Suwaib
OIC Provincial Director
Ali B. Abdullah
Provincial Director
Rilimin H. Sandoval
City Director
Samuel A. Camaganacan
Provincial Director
Margarita H. Baynosa
Provincial Director
Jermie A. Erie-Yeager
Division Chief
Musarapha A. Alim
Division Chief
Dennis T. Sucol
Chief Administrative Officer, Division Chief
Charise May J. Eliseo
Section Chief
Mary Ann R. Traspe
Assistant Division Chief
Engr. Herminia S. Ontoy
PDMU Chief
Ian Jon S. Clemente
Assistant Division Chief
Atty. Jane S. Torreon
Legal Officer
Atty. Michelle Anne P. Viejo
Legal Officer/Chief of Staff
Katherine M. Llano
Christian Mark A. Patosa
Section Chief
Mel Roy B. Manait
Mary Eulen Y. Abdilah
Almie G. Castillo