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Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS)

The Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS) is a diagnostic tool to assess poverty in the barangay, municipal, city, and provincial level. It provides policymakers and program implementers with a good information base for tracking the impacts of macroeconomic reforms and various policy shocks.

It is an organized way of collecting information at the local level for use of LGUs, national government agencies, NGOs, and civil society for planning, program implementation and monitoring. CBMS is a tool intended for a more improved governance and greater transparency and accountability in resource allocation.

The CBMS addresses the lack of necessary disaggregated data for diagnosing extent of poverty at the local level, determines the causes of poverty, serves as guide for formulating appropriate policies and programs, identifies eligible beneficiaries, and assesses the impact of policies and programs.

Benefits to be derived from the CBMS include building up of the capacity of the members of the community to participate in the development planning and monitoring process, enrichment of existing LGU databases, enhancement of the preparation of socioeconomic profiles, development and investment plans, aids in diagnosing poverty at the local level and in formulating appropriate interventions, identifying resource allocations and eligible beneficiaries.

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Outcome Area: Socially-Protective and Safe LGUs
Status: Current
Contacts: Almie G. Castillo
Telephone: (083) 877-2971