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Office of the Regional Director (ORD)

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Name Position Phone Email
Atty. Michelle Anne P. Viejo Legal Officer (083)228-1421
Maria Theresa D. Bautista LGOO V/Chief of Staff (083)228-1421
Herminia S. Ontoy LGOO V/Chief, PDMU (083)228-1421
Clotilde Bai Rosshelle S. Nanding AO IV/Regional Information Officer-Designate (083)228-1421
Mel Roy B. Manait LGOO IV/RITO - Designate (083)228-1421
Relmie T. Tamson LGOO II (083)228-1421
Chrysanthea D. Zorilla LGOO II (083)228-1421
Charleston Y. Lagcao Database Administrator (083)228-1421
Riza Jean D. Guillema Clerk (083)228-1421
April Jan A. Dela Cruz Clerk (083)228-1421
Wyndle Joy E. Padojinog Administrative Aide VI (083)228-1421
Fernando P. Lopez Administrative Aide IV (083)228-1421
Darwin G. Agbon Information System Analyst (083)228-1421
Ivy Mae Antonette D. Caniban Financial Analyst (083)228-1421
Abdul Hajid U. Melikon Jr. Engineer III (083)228-1421
Mila A. Inodio Engineer III (083)228-1421
Francis Earl G. Caldedero Engineer III (083)228-1421
Amer S. Salido Engineer III (083)228-1421
Rex B. Tulio Engineer III (083)228-1421
Mhelphil Jay T. Bordios Engineer III (083)228-1421