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Local Government Monitoring and Evaluation Division (LGMED)

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Name Position Phone Email
Musarapah A. Alim LGOO VI/OIC Chief, LGMED (083)228-7959
Jermie A. Erie-Yeager LGOO V/Monitoring and Evaluation Section - Chief (083)228-7959
Mikaela Rae M. Ladera Statistician I (083)228-7959
Abdulgamal D. Dipantar Planning Officer (083)228-7959
Pembayong A. Kadatuan LGOO V (083)228-7959
Muhammad G. Nanding Jr. LGOO IV (083)228-7959
Genevieve C. Morales LGOO II (083)228-7959
Joanne A. Castre Clerk (083)228-7959