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Key Officials

Name Position Phone Email
Reynaldo M. Bungubung, CESO IV Regional Director (083)228-1421
Lailyn A. Ortiz, CESE OIC Assistant Regional Director (083) 228-1421
Rilimin H. Sandoval LGOO VII/Chief, LGCDD (083)228-7959
Musarapah A. Alim LGOO VI/OIC Chief, LGMED (083)228-7959
Denis T. Sucol Chief Administrative Officer (083)228-7960
Mary Ann R. Traspe Supervising Administrative Officer (083)228-7960
Atty. Michelle Anne P. Viejo Legal Officer (083)228-1421
Maria Theresa D. Bautista LGOO V/Chief of Staff (083)228-1421
Ian Jon S. Clemente LGOO V/LGCDD Assistant Division Chief/Planning Officer Designated (083)228-7959
Jermie A. Erie-Yeager LGOO V/Monitoring and Evaluation Section - Chief (083)228-7959
Adelaida M. Abdul Administrative Officer V, Accounting Section - Chief (083)228-7960
Katherine M. Llano Administrative Officer V, Budget Section - Chief (083)228-7960
Catherine A. Macion Administrative Officer V, Personnel and Records Section - Chief (083)228-7960
Herminia S. Ontoy LGOO V/Chief, PDMU (083)228-1421
Clotilde Bai Rosshelle S. Nanding AO IV/Regional Information Officer-Designate (083)228-1421
Allamen Tom S. Pangilamen Administrative Officer IV, Supply Unit Section - Chief (083)228-7960
Ismael L. Patadon Administrative Aide IV, General Services Section - Chief (083)228-7960